Our Process

Bringing fresh roasted coffee to your cup every day isn't a 5-minute process. See your coffee's journey from planting, to roasting, to you.

step 1

Every coffee bean is a seed in the beginning. It all comes down to its planting, which makes a huge difference to taste when taking the area, soil, humidity and temperature in mind.

step 2

After meticulously watering and caring after the plant, it will take about 4 years for coffee to come to fruition. When the deep red fruit appears, it's time to harvest our precious coffee.

step 3

Next up, we have the processing stage where plantations choose between the Dry or Wet methods in order to create the perfect coffee beans. While the wet method is more widely used, drying the fruit is still considered a classic method, especially for countries with limited water supply.

step 4

Tasters, or cuppers, will then taste the processed beans after roasting them in a laboratory system, in order to determine their quality and strength.

step 5

This is where we come in. We choose the best quality of coffee beans and roast them in our own in-house roaster, making sure that it's always fresh on a weekly basis.

step 6

Grinding is super important depending on the type of coffee you are about to drink. Minutes if not seconds before the coffee comes to you, it is ground in expert grinders making sure they seal their aroma and flavor.

Coffee Preparation
step 7

Whether you choose a filter, brewed coffee, or espresso, your coffee with us will always be fresh, intense, full of flavor, and as we say, highly addictive.

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